Four Shaft Shredder DFS160

Four Shaft Shredder DFS160

Four Shaft Shredder DFS160

E-max DFS160 is the heavy duty four shaft shredder with high power. High power means the bigger cutting forces to shred the toughest materials. Our quad shaft shredder DFS160 shredder is equipped with 4 gearmotors with the total power is 150kW. The multipurpose machine is suitable for shredding a range of hard work waste materials as follows:

▪ Bulky Scraps

▪ Cardboard, Paper, Documents, Packaging

▪ Plastics – PET Bottles, Plastic Films, Plastic Pipes, Tires

▪ Woven Bags, Garments, Leathers

▪ Lumps / Purgings

▪ Containers – IBCs, Drums

▪ Metal – Cables, Cans, Steel Drums

▪ Hospital and Ship Scraps,

▪ White Goods

   … …


Main Features:

▪ Very strong frame with thick welded steel sheet

▪ Siemens motors used throughout

▪ Welded sheet metal hopper for top loading

▪ High surface hardness/resistance and high core strength repairable alloy cutters

▪ Rotor teeth can be rotated 4 times maximizing the life span of a single set resulting in minimum down time spent

▪ wide cutting chamber

▪ Worm Drive reduction gearbox

▪ PLC control & Auto reverse and overload protection

▪ Wide range of cutter widths and hook types to suit different materials and output size requirements

▪ Interchageable screen determining the sizes of the shredded material







2×30 + 2×45 kw

Cutter Thickness

60 mm

Cutter Diameter

530 mm

Cutting Chamber (WxL)


Machine Length

6100 mm

Machine Width

2280 mm

Hopper Length

2380 mm

Hopper Width

2280 mm

Machine Height

3510 mm

Machine Weight

21500 kgs

DFS Series Shredders are supplied with 5-70mm wide blades according to the application.

Multiple hook configurations are available.

Shaft speeds can be adjusted to suit the application

Interchangeable screen determining the sizes of the shredded material (optional)