Single Shaft Shredder AX40150

Single Shaft Shredder AX40150

Single Shaft Shredder AX40150

The AX40150 is the medium size single shaft shredder in the range, it is suitable to shred medium wastes with high resistance, it has been installed over 100 pcs worldwide to date. The machines are the ideal solution for volume processors in the plastics, rubber, wood and copper cables, and they are also used for reducing bulk waste such as drums, bottles and plastic pipes.

The production of shredded material varies according to the type of piece to be grounded and the size of  grounded item required. On an average it is possible to produce between 3 – 5 tons/h.


Main Features:

▪ CE standard

▪ Custom Feed Hoppers

▪ Strong welded framework

▪ Adjustable counter-blades made of very alloyed anti-wear steel

▪ Rotor surface hardfacing & wear resistant screens establishing the size of the shredded material

▪ Replaceable bolted blade carriers (welded carriers are supplied as standard)

▪ Integrated ancillary controls (conveyors etc)

▪ Blade configuration and size (40mm concave blades are supplied as standard)


2665 mm




1,300 mm


1,500 mm


615 mm


2,137 mm

Rotor Diameter

400 mm

Rotor Speed

80 rpm

Speed Range

60-120 rpm

Ram Travel

815 mm

No. of Rotor Blades

70 pcs

No. of Fixed Blades

6 pcs

Main Motor Power

75 kw

Power Range

55-90 kw

Hydraulic Power Unit

5.5 kw

Machine Weight

6850 kgs