Two Shaft Shredder BDX55

Two Shaft Shredder BDX55

Two Shaft Shredder BDX55

Our BDX55 shredder is 55kW unit with heavy duty, electrical motor driven or hydraulic driven. Big power means big cutting force. And the wider cutting chamber offers the ability to accept larger material. Especially used for the organic waste and fuel applications.

This unit can be configured to shred most materials such as:

▪ Pallets & Wood offcuts

▪ Plastics — Drums, Bottles, Rubber, Truck & Car tires.

▪ Production waste

▪ Medical Waste

▪ Organic Waste

▪ Paper & Cardboard – Confidential Documents, Newspaper

▪ Metals — White Goods, WEEE, Aluminium, Copper Cable, Barrels, Sheet Scrap

▪ Textiles — Rags, Garments, Carpet


Main Features:

▪ Strong frame with thick welded steel sheet

▪ Welded sheet metal hopper for top loading

▪ High surface hardness/resistance and high core strength repairable alloy cutters

▪ High torque/low speed

▪ Worm Drive reduction gearbox

▪ PLC control & Auto reverse and overload protection

▪ Wide range of cutter widths and hook types to suit different materials and output size requirements


4,200 mm


1,300 mm




800 mm


2,500 mm

Rotor Speed

21 rpm

Blade width

15/25 mm

Main Motor Power

55 kw

Machine Weight

8,150 kgs

▪ BDX Series Shredders are supplied with 5-70mm wide blades according to the application.

▪ Multiple hook configurations are available.

▪ Shaft speeds can be adjusted to suit the application