tire baler

tire baler

Tire Baler LT100

With about 14,000,000 tons of tires being dismantled each year worldwide including all types of tires, passenger and truck tires up to large tires for tractors and construction equipment, our LT100 Tire Baler is the popular machine suitable for waste tire reduction applications.

In 20th Century automotive industry was growth mainly in Europe and North America. With new millennium a new wealthy middle class was growing in rest of the world. The global number of vehicles increased since that time formally explosively. Global result from growing is that stocks of scrap tires rise to huge mountains.

Waste Tires

Waste Tires

Baled Tires

Baled Tires


E-max LT100 Tire Baler was designed to eliminate collection of waste water, reduce volume, reduce fire hazard, and to provide beneficial usage of waste tires in baled form. One bale contains more than 100 tires compressed to the size of 1000*1550*760 mm. And the baler is capable of bailing 3-5 bales per hour, and can consist of 70% car and 30% truck tires.

Bale Weight

980 kgs


3-5 bales/h

Bale size

1,550 x 1,000 x 760 mm


Wire Tie

Cylinder Force

100 tons

Baler Size

2,000 x 1,660 x 3,800mm




15 kw

Machine Weight

6,150 kgs