Chinese MSW management


As the increasing of each country’s attention on enviromental issues, a lot of enviroment problems have been proposed, which accelerates the pace of enviromental pollution control at the same time.

Take China for instance, Chinese recent GDP growth has been maintained at around 8% these years. Behind the rapid growth, Chinese has a big movement on the modern urban construction, urban population and the people’s consumption are also growned. It also creates a growing number of municipal solid waste(MSW). The MSW disposal management problem is the headache for Chinese government. How to deal with that, what’s the location suitable for the burying. It sounds that the waste incineration power plants are the bset option for China at the current situation.

In order to maximum the efficiency of MSW, the necessary step is size reduction processing. As received, most solid waste has a low bulk density and is composed of a wide variety of objects in all sizes and shaps. Solid waste shredder are not capable of destroying waste matter, but only of converting in into a form more easily and economically handled for the processing.