E-max Vertical Balers are used for bailing recyclable material into solid, space saving bales. This reduces the space needed for waste storage, reduces the cost of waste collection and also reduces the time spent on disposing of waste effectively and responsibly.

E-max various of vertical baler’s vertical design ensures that these are the perfect balers for not only for use in confined areas such as factories and yards but for larger work spaces as well. E-max has a complete line of vertical balers in a variety of sizes to suit your recycling needs. Create bales of cardboard, paper, palstics, rags, cans, tires, and many other recyclable materials.

Whatever the type of waste which needs to be baled and recycled we have the right machine for you. And with our over 20 years experiences, you can be assured that you’ll have a top quality baler for years to come.

tire baler

tire baler

E-max vertical balers include advanced features such as:

▪ Bale tie-off from front of unit

▪ Unique corner/wall design

▪ Automatic bale eject

▪ Efficient, self-contained power unit

▪ Low profile units

▪ Hypress Hydraulic – Electric Power Unit

▪ Hign density bales

▪ Totally CE listed

▪ Hands-free loading

▪ Heavy duty construction

▪ Much, much more